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Established in 2000

Dues for 2022 will be $20.00.

We are accepting renewal dues now for 2022.

Due to changes in the IRS reporting for PayPal we are suspending payment through this method until we get clarification on the matter from AAW. 
 You can pay dues by  mailing a check or coming in person to the meeting.  New/Renewing members can pay cash at meeting or contact Officer to get address to send check. If you are a member renewing you can get the address from Financial page.

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“IWT is organized as a forum for individuals interested in woodturning. The primary purposes of IWT are consistent with the fundamental purposes of AAW, “to provide Information, Education and organization to those interested in turning wood.” The membership is drawn from Independence, MO and surrounding areas, but is not limited to Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri.”


Club Schedule


Jan-Anthony Harris
turning a threaded acorn box.
Feb-Rick Bywater
Mike Thomas – Alternative Pen Making
Apr-Chip Siskey
May-Rick Tucker
June-Stewart Shanker
July-Mike McReynolds
August–Jigs & Fixtures
September-Larry Dice
November-Elections/Creativity Contest


August 2022

It is August and summer is at full blast this year. Hopefully, everyone has a shop where they can keep cooler than the outside temperature. This month is Jigs and Fixtures. In the past this has been a fun and informative meeting. We have our schedule filled for the next three months. After reviewing the schedule for the December meeting, the Officers have decided to take the month off due to the closeness to the holiday season. Everyone has plans and things to do around this time of the year.
    This brings up another subject of elections in November. Several of the current board members are not running for re-election so members need to step up to keep this club going for the enjoyment of the membership. There is nothing hard about any of the positions and they do not take up a lot of time. I hope when nominations are made in October, we have members step up and fill these positions.
    Of course, this brings up the creativity contest that will be judged in November. Pick up the rules and awards sheet at the meeting.  And it will also be available on the website. Everyone always says, “well my skills aren’t up to par.”  To address that, we have set up seven different categories so everyone will have an opportunity to win. Again, there is plenty of time to get the piece completed.

            Ron Bruno, President, IWT

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