Established in 2000

So you want to be a member
of the Independence Woodturners Club?
It’s easy!

Just come to a meeting.

Fill out an application.
Pay $15.00 for dues/emailed newsletter or $25.00 for paper newsletter sent to your house for a year.

2019 Dues

     The dues for 2019 will now be accepted if you would like to take care of that matter. They are $15 for emailed newsletter (or no newsletter) and $25 for US mailed hardcopy newsletter. See Mel Bryan, Treasurer, at the meeting. 

Upcoming Events

Monthly Meeting

December 18th

Our annual Christmas Dinner

Metro Hardwoods

7pm to 9pm

Open Shop

No open shop this month due to Xmas Holiday

Monthly Meeting

January 15th

Metro Hardwoods

7pm to 9pm

Open Shop

No open shop this month due to

Wood Working Show January 18–20, 2019

(see event calendar for details about the show)

Where We Meet

Metro Hardwoods

4243 S. Noland Rd

Independence, Mo. 

Upcoming December Meeting

Annual Christmas Dinner

Anyone/everyone can bring a side dish of their choosing;
it can be a savory dish or desert.

Remember the Christmas Ornament Contest.
The ususal Show & Tell and Demo Challenge will be held too.

The present exchange is strictly voluntary. A person brings a gift (hopefully woodturning related) in the neighborhood of $20 wrapped with no label (the giver’s name is optional). When you arrive the gift is placed with the others and you are given a ticket. Then when the exchange takes place, the tickets are drawn (raffle style) and you get to pick one that is not your own. Then we open them and share what was received.

Show and Tell Last Meeting

Monthly Open Shop

 The day of the month for Open Shop has been changed to the Saturday AFTER the regular meeting instead of the Saturday before. It will be on Sept 22nd at Metro Hardwoods from 10 AM to 12 noon as usual.  The intention of this change is for us to help anyone that desires to work on the demo challenge from the meeting demonstration.  You are still free to bring in your own project or question and we’ll see if  someone can’t help you with it. So, bring your tools, wood and safety gear and make use of one of our several lathes and the help of fellow members.
     Open Shop is the opportunity for any member to come together with other members where we can help each other learn, practice, work on a special project, get to know each other, make connections and share your experience with others that can benefit from it. The best way to learn is by helping others and asking questions, so, take advantage of the experience of others and if we don’t know, we can all learn together. 
    Keep turning and be safe. .
See you at Open Shop In February.