July Demonstration

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Mikeal Jones – Wooden Ring with a twisted wire insert


Mike started out by gluing the ring blank on a waste block held in his scroll chuck. He rough turned the outside then drilled a 1/2 in. hole in the center and proceeded to widen it to the appropriate ring size. He explained that, amazingly, there are only about 15 thousandths of an inch difference between each ring size. So, slow going and frequent measurements are the rule of the day. After getting the size, he turned the outside to the close size and put a grove in the center for the wire insert. Mike twisted the wire then flattened it, and cut it to length to fit in the grove. He had made a modification to a small hose clamp to allow him to observe the butt joint of the wire when gluing it in place with CA glue.
 Thank you Mike for your time and sharing with us. 

The demo challenge for this demo will be to turn a ring with (or without) some sort of inlay.