Annual Creativity Contest

    This year the annual creativity contest will have a small modification in that instead of receiving a piece of wood at the club, you may use your own choice of wood supplied by yourself. All the same rules will still apply;
1. Only 1 to 1 1/2 board feet of wood
2. Use only wood. No kits, or additional hardware or accessories
3. May be stained, painted, or otherwise decorated and finished. (Including, pyrography, texturing, piercing, carving, or such)
Since you can furnish your own wood, we would like for you to take a picture of the wood before you begin if possible.
A signup sheet will be available at the meeting to enter the contest.
The first prize will be a $50 bill. And the second prize will be a $20 gift certificate to Metro Hardwoods.
The contest will take place at the October meeting.Don’t delay signing up. Time is rapidly approaching the contest.

Note:    Don’t let the lack of wood prohibit you from entering the contest. There are a few pieces of wood available for some that do not have any of your own. Contact one of the officers when you sign up and we’ll get you a piece of wood.