October Turning Tips

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Now for this month’s tip:
Centering your faceplate on the work piece .

     To position the faceplate on the wood it is to be mounted on it does not have to be a “shot-in-the-dark”. You can make your own centering jig from wood and a straight rod. Simply turn a piece of wood to the size of the inside threads of the faceplate and just an inch or more longer than the depth of the faceplate. Drill a hole through the center for a straight rod, like a welding rod, an old ice pick, maybe even a good straight nail, or something like that with a point on it. Then to use it just put the rod on the center point of the wood being mounted, slip the jig over the rod, then slip the faceplate over the jig and fasten it to the wood. Centered and ready to turn.